Yip Yuen Hong Architects

Yip Yuen Hong together with his partners establishedip:li Architects. He was born in Singapore and attended the Singapore National University from where in 1987 he managed to graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture. After his graduation, Yip Yuen Hong managed to be employed at William Lim and Associates, Housing and Development Board and at Arkitek Tenggara II. He eventually decided to start HYLA Architects together with his partners Vincent Lee and Han Loke Kwang in 1993. Martin Modern by Guocoland is engaged by Yip Yuen Hong as the master architect for the project.

He is a qualified architect that is also registered with the Architects Board. As an architect, throughout the course of his profession, he has been able to be mentored by respected architects including Liu Tai Ker, TayKheng Soon, and of courseWilliam Lim. For that reason, he has managed to greatly refine his skills.

Yip Yuen Hong Architects

After about two decades of being an architect, he has been able to work on a variety of local and overseas projects. Moreover, he has been able to teach both at the SingaporeNational University and College of the Artsat LASALLE.

In 2012, Yip Yuen Hong together with Lee Ee Lin started the ip:li Architects. The architectural practice of his is greatly based on and spurred by his curiosity in regard to the world and offering a design approach that is solution-based. As the firm grows, he understands that an idea that is singular compared to a combination of ideas is far more powerful in any given project.

The work he does seeks simplicity in program, budget, space, form, and material while still being able to resolve an issue in a simple and effortless manner. The simplicity of the work of the architect is also pronounced in his minimal details and palette of finishes. It requires an incredible level of meticulousness in the process of design to be able to achieve his preferredattention level. The result produced is often an architecture project that is simple, timeless, quiet and soulful.

Yip Yuen Hong Real Estate Architectural Project

In his belief, the practice of architecture constitutes a personal journey and an explorative search. To anticipate every architectural project, Yip Yuen Hong pursues something that is inspiring. He is able to find something inspiring by way of setting out an idea that is explorative to be able to achieve each one of his architectural projects. The works of him are designed to primarily be able to achieve the satisfaction of each client in terms of costs and trust. By which Yip Yuen Hong creates a notion that is unreal for him to explore. The explorations act as a place that daily keeps him going.

According to him, his work is not concerned with building or breaking new ground. His purpose is just to seek satisfaction from the projects that he works on. He does not consider design to be just about coming up with beautiful things. Design to him is half since and half art. He is motivated by the need to build something that is not only relevant but also timeless. That is why he is instantaneously intrigued occasionally by other design forms and disciplines. These disciplines, unlike architecture, enable him to feel moved and motivated at a particular moment.

Yip Yuen Hong Education

Yip Yuen Hong continuously motivates himself by way of reflections and questions. Of late, he greatly feels that an architecture that is only accessible to a few people is too indulgent. Because of that, he starts to advance the awareness that architecture should serve the purpose of resulting in the community meaning and work. In such a scenario, he starts to deeply contemplate what in the actual sense really is the meaning of being meaningful or responsible socially and ponders about how that can be attained in the Singapore context. In his view, there is a necessity for constant reflection in regard to the meaning of the issues for the purpose of building and growing a Singapore that is affluent.

The Advice of Yip Yuen Hong to Emerging Designers

He believes that architecture definitely is not everything in the sense that there is more to life. He is of the view that the education available for one to be a professional architect is quite good and for that reason, it is able to prepare one to tackle virtually anything encountered in life. If you consider architecture to be everything in your life then it is important that you consider the practice to be more than just designing. That architecture should be able to offer or do more and you have to decipher what that more is by yourself.

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