River Valley Primary School

River Valley Primary school is one of the oldest and most promising schools in Singapore. This school was founded in 1956, and it was the first Chinese secondary school funded by the government. In the start, this school was named as Singapore Government Chinese Middle school, but later they moved the school to Strathmore Avenue, and they renamed it as Queenstown Government Chinese Middle School.

River Valley Primary School Martin Modern Condo

Although it was a Chinese school, but in 1979 government chose it as one of the 9 SAP schools and they started English steam as well. In December 1986 they shifted the school got shifted to West coast from River Valley. But the west coast site was much smaller, and that is why they made it a double session school and things remain same until they added few extra blocks in the school in 1993.

In 1994 River Valley primary school became one of the first six autonomous schools in Singapore. Also, it was one of the first few schools that received all three awards available at that time for sustained achievement. In addition to this, the school also got designated for a six-year integrated program. That programs helped many students to achieve a successful career on the basis of that program. Martin Modern by Guocoland is next to Great World City MRT Station as well as the school.

River Valley Primary School Martin Modern Great World City

This school has a clear meaning that related with school motto. This song is written in Chinese that represent its heritage and aspiration of the school founders. School crest contains the initial letter of school name that are RV. It contains three colours that include red, white and blue which symbolize radiance, graciousness, vitality, and calmness in the emotions. As far as the uniform is concerned, its uniform is unique and looks very beautiful with the school logo and different colour schemes.

Along with the six-year integrated program, River Valley Primary school has a number of other programs and activities as well that makes it unique and best in its category. Other than this, many co-curricular activities also make it a fantastic school. These co-curricular activities include performing arts, sports, and uniform groups that make it an all-rounder school.

Martin Modern Great World City Singapore

This school gave a number of notable people to the society. These people performed well in almost every field including politics, government, entertainment, arts, corporate and all other areas. So, if we talk about the specialties of this school then these notable alumni also make it a special school, and they can encourage you to enroll your kids in this school.

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