Comparisons Between a Condo and a Landed Property

Should I buy a condo or landed property? You will be making a big investment when you purchase a condo; it is recommended that you get advice from a realtor. They will be able to help you determine the best location for your condo purchase. Buying a home is a bigger investment and you want to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

You may think a condo is better because of low monthly payments, but there are many other factors you need to consider when choosing a type of home. You will pay taxes on your landed property as well as your monthly expenses, such as water, electricity and maintenance. When you choose a condominium you would be taxed only on your monthly expenses. This could make you think you would save money, but the property taxes in Florida can be expensive.

Landed properties can …

Condo Units Launching For Sale

What should you do when you come across residential units for sale? There are many factors that you need to consider when you decide to buy one of these units. These factors include your budget, the size of the area that you want to live in, your preferences and tastes and the location where you would like to locate your unit. This article will provide with you with some tips that you can use in order to ensure that you will be able to find a unit that suits your needs. Once you have read this article, you will have a good idea on how to go about this search.

The first thing that you need to do is to take into consideration your budget. There are many homes that are sold for prices that are hundreds or even thousands of dollars lower than what the house was sold for …

Prime District 09 Located at the Central Business District

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Prime District 09is one of the busiest areas in the city and it is also home to a number of popular restaurants. With so many options, you can easily find a restaurant that offers the kind of food you want to eat while staying in a budget. In this article, we will explore some of the best places in Prime District to have your food and drinks.

This popular restaurant is located just next to the Orchard Road shopping area at the corner of Orchard Road and Robertson Quay. If you are looking for Chinese food, this is the right place to go since the place serves both traditional Chinese dishes and more modern Chinese dishes. The buffet menu is full of high quality dishes with affordable prices. The restaurant review also reveals that there is a lot of vegetarian food available in this restaurant …

Yip Yuen Hong Architects

Yip Yuen Hong together with his partners establishedip:li Architects. He was born in Singapore and attended the Singapore National University from where in 1987 he managed to graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture. After his graduation, Yip Yuen Hong managed to be employed at William Lim and Associates, Housing and Development Board and at Arkitek Tenggara II. He eventually decided to start HYLA Architects together with his partners Vincent Lee and Han Loke Kwang in 1993. Martin Modern by Guocoland is engaged by Yip Yuen Hong as the master architect for the project.

He is a qualified architect that is also registered with the Architects Board. As an architect, throughout the course of his profession, he has been able to be mentored by respected architects including Liu Tai Ker, TayKheng Soon, and of courseWilliam Lim. For that reason, he has managed to greatly refine his skills.

Yip Yuen

Martin Modern Reduce Units Available and Increase Prices in 2018

Martin Modern, a city located near grand district of Orchard. It is a place highly recommended since it is within Singapore. Its proximity to the River Galley Government Land Sales attracts high bids of $595 million from Guocoland where the total bidders were 13 having submitted interest on the said land. The plot is expansive with large landscapes where Modern Martin can be built on make the cosmopolitan life near the prime River District.

Guocoland Reduce Units Available for Sale in Martin Modern

It has several price tags varying on different times and for the early buys there’s a special price which has a 5% discount from normal price range;1.For a two bedroom layout the price is $1.8 to $1.96 million for the normal price range but for early birds discount $1.71 to $1.87 million.2.Two bedroom and study room is $1.93 to $2.08 million for normal price range but early …

90 Units Martin Modern Sold on Preview Date

If you’re looking for luxury living with convenient access to the Great World City MRT Station, look no further than Martin Modern Condos. With timeless elegance and a chic modern design, Martin Modern features everything you need to take your lifestyle to the next level. Price is obviously the first thing on any home buyer’s mind, and we’re confident that our condos offer good value for the luxury design and convenient location our complex offers. There were plans to launch only 50 to 60 units but the response was better than expected.

It is situated in an upmarket which is iconic and most sought location in Singapore. It’s in the middle of CBD, a Centre. There’s Robertson Quay. It’s near M Sultan Road. The Quay isn’t far from home and parts of Singapore through major expansions.

90 Units Martin Modern Sold During Weekend

2 Bedroom
– $1.8M – 1.96M
2 …

Concierge Services at Martin Modern Great World City

The top bid for the land where the Martin Modern will be located was given by Guocoland. It was $595 million which translates to $1,239 psf ppr. This is a high bid the shows that the developers are confident about the development. The show flat opened on 8th July and the prices have also been indicated on each flat type. The indicative prices start at $1.8m for the 2 bedroom units, $2.12m for 3bedroom and $3.86m for the 4 bedroom. The early birds get a 5% discount.

Public transport is available since the station is close to Modern Martin Place. Site Plan: Various layout plans have been considered for the buyers. There is the terrain that is heart-warming to most residents. Rationale of having two instead of three towers to cater for 80% of 1.6 hectares of land. A concept of privacy and intimacy creates layers along site terrain. Living, …

Martin Modern 5% Early Bird Discounts for VVIP

An upcoming luxury condominium in District 9 is being brought by the reputed developer Guocoland. The vast site area- 15,93,1sqm has been leased for a 99 year period and is expected to have 450 residential housing units. As per the project plan, the site is expected to attract many investors due to the incorporation of commercial and residential units along with luxurious amenities will offer a stimulating experience for single owners as well as families.

Martin Modern 5% Discounts for VVIPs

Most of the buyers will tend to compare the price with next door Martin Place residents which is in close vicinity of the site. According to market agent, the indicative price is around $2300 psf while the actual price is to be launched during the official launch. Located at the corner of River Valley and Martin Place the project will have smooth connectivity with a walking distance to …

200 Species of Plants and 50 Types of Trees at Martin Modern

Enjoy living in the upmarket, hipster neighbourhood of Robert Quay, with its wide assortment of trendy wine bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops, in your own tropical paradise. Martin Modern is a new condo development set in a lush, private botanical garden, with over 50 different tree species and palms, and over 200 plants, with river views, or garden views. Wonder through the maze, or take a walk to find the secret garden. Martin Modern is a luxury Guocoland development that is based on spacious greener living. There are only two 30 storey towers being constructed on the property, and there will be 450 units to choose from.

Martin Modern is a new project located near Orchard. This residential project is developed in Martin Palace which is a very prestigious site in Singapore. The large property with beautiful picturesque views of land with a residential housing complex near the river district …

Martin Modern Fort Canning MRT Station

Development of new properties offers fantastic options to people for the residential purpose. Due to an excessive number of options, people find it hard to choose one property, and they get confused in every situation. Well if you are in the same dilemma or you just want to find the best property, then Martin Modern Great World City can be the best choice for you. There are so many amazing things that make it a perfect home for you, and I am sharing some of these factors below with you.

The upcoming housing project is enclosed with 450 units. The total plot is 30storeys high near Singapore site with a gross area nearly of 44,622 m2. The location of this building is also in phase and within 10 years it will be one of the working space between other central location and MRT station by 5 minutes of the expedition. …