Martin Modern Reduce Units Available and Increase Prices in 2018

Martin Modern, a city located near grand district of Orchard. It is a place highly recommended since it is within Singapore. Its proximity to the River Galley Government Land Sales attracts high bids of $595 million from Guocoland where the total bidders were 13 having submitted interest on the said land. The plot is expansive with large landscapes where Modern Martin can be built on make the cosmopolitan life near the prime River District.

Guocoland Reduce Units Available for Sale in Martin Modern

It has several price tags varying on different times and for the early buys there’s a special price which has a 5% discount from normal price range;1.For a two bedroom layout the price is $1.8 to $1.96 million for the normal price range but for early birds discount $1.71 to $1.87 million.2.Two bedroom and study room is $1.93 to $2.08 million for normal price range but early birds discount is $1.84 to $1.98 million.3.Three bedroom is $2.12 to $ 2.46 million on normal prices and early birds is $2.02 to $2.34 million.

The discounts is available on booking date. The layout and landscape development has been accredited proper planning by the developer also by the project architects in order to maximize views of residents in the district. There are several views like the Singapore River view. The three views ideally present scenic environments where families and guests will be impressed. GuocoLand’s Martin Modern condominium location is prefect since it’s close to many amenities and shopping centres.

Martin Modern set to Increase Prices in 2018

Three bedroom premium on normal prices is $2.88 to $3.18 million and early birds is $2.74 to $3.03 million.5.Four bedroom premium on normal price range is $3.86 to $4.26 and early birds is $3.67 to 44.05 million. There is an anticipated increase in property prices and Guocoland has reduced the number of units available for sale. They might also increase the selling price in 2018 as the general pricing of the real estate market improve in Singapore.

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