Preview and Showflat Viewing for Buyers

The Martin Modern Condo is a totally new concept on the real estate market. It tries to keep up with time and even be ahead of time predicting what the customers desire. People can be generally split into two categories: those who want to live in the city and those who want to live in suburbs. First category enjoys actions, fast life while the other loves nature and prefers calm and peaceful life. But can these 2 types of people live together? Yes, they can and Martin Modern Great World City made it possible.

Martin Modern Showflat Buyer’s Preview

The developers found the best location possible – right in the city centre. This is the most convenient location for people who have to go to work or run errands everyday. Every place in the city can easily be reached from this spot either by car, a bicycle or every type of public transportation – everything is available here and runs regularly. Martin Modern showflat preview and viewing will be available soon for the buyers.

The Martin Residence saves time of its inhabitants. People don’t need to go somewhere when they need to do a simple service. Everything is located nearby: food stores, supermarkets, beauty shops. For those who don’t have time to cook or don’t like it or just feel like eating out, there is a variety of food places. They range from small coffee shops with a takeaway option to big fashionable restaurants that offer exquisite meals from all over the world. Even the most demandable gourmet will leave satisfied.

Martin Modern Showflat Viewing for Buyers

After work people can enjoy leisure activities. The most important of which is the Orchard. It is a heart of the Martin Modern Condo. Its view is breath-taking. Taking a walk there will make you forget that you are still located in the city. The Orchard itself is worth moving to the Martin Modern Guocoland. Other than that, there is a big mall nearby – a nice place to spend time with a family and do shopping. The showflat viewing date for buyers will be available soon and the opening date should be around in late 2017

Martin Modern Guocoland Condo Singapore

The iconic residence consists of numerous lodging with 1-3 bedrooms. 2-bedroom flat is the most popular choice now. The developers offer their clients to choose a plan for their future lodging themselves and are open to all offers. Looks like clients’ satisfaction is on the first place for them. It should be said that the view is amazing. Both sides of the residence have amazing locations to show and people who live on the 6th floor and upper have an opportunity to see Martin Road or Martin River Valley witt no obstacles.

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